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日本商業英語学会第61回全国大会発表 2001年10月21日 染谷泰正 (06/18)
4  テクストへのタグ付け

 SampleText (28-Alex.tag)

 # <FILE ID = Alex, 1995>
 # <DOCUMENT NUMBER = No. 001>

<GR>Dear [NAME]:</GR>
<OPN>I am writing to ask you to send me a copy of <KEY>your booklet, The ABC's of Making Motion Pictures</KEY>, which, <INT>according to an article in the June issue of Modern Office Training</INT>, you are providing free of charge to business firms. I am myself planning to produce films to train clerical personnel, and I believe <KEY>your booklet</KEY> will be of great help to me in my work.</OPN>
<CLS><T1>Thank you very much for your kind attention to this request</T1>, and <T2>I look forward to receiving <KEY>the booklet</KEY>soon.</T2></CLS>
<CC>Sincerely yours,</CC>

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