This program analyzes English texts and produces a graded word-level profile of the vocabulary contained. The current version (updated May 1, 2009) also calculates readability indices using the ARI and Coleman-Liau formulas. The input text may be up to 100,000 running words in length, although the recommended number of words at any given trial is about 10,000 or less. All the inflected words will be automatically lemmatized before processing except for some designated words including modal verbs. Numbers and figures will be ignored unless they are part of a meaningful lexical item.

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1.   Enter the title of your text.

2.   Enter (or simply paste) the text you want to analyze.

3.   Choose Base Dictionary from below. (Click here for more information)
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4.  Case sensitive?

5.  Choose count mode.
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語彙分析・語彙テスト関連リンク (Corpus Tools and Vocabulary Tests)
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TOEIC スコアと JACET 語彙およびリーディングスピードの相関

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(c) 2006 Yasumasa Someya (for the English Dept., Aoyama Gakuin University)
※ This program is based on "Word Level Checker: Vocabularly Profiling Program by AWK," Yasumasa Someya, 1998 [Online]