Word Level Checker (Online Ver. 2.0)

WLC ベース辞書に使用されている品詞タグ

タグ 品詞
ART 冠詞 a, an, the
BE be 動詞(現在形・過去形) be, is, am, was, were
BEG be 動詞(現在分詞形・動名詞形) being
BEN be 動詞(過去分詞形) been
CC 等位接続詞 and, but, nor, or, so, both, either, neither, etc.
CD 数字、数詞、序数などの
1998, nine-thirty, one-tenth, ten million, 0.5, twenty, '98, two, 30-degrees, etc.
DO do 動詞(現在形・過去形) do, does, did
DOG do 動詞(現在分詞形・動名詞形) doing
DON do 動詞(過去分詞形) done
DT 決定詞・限定詞(冠詞=ART を除く) this, that, another, any, both, each, every, some, these, those, all, etc.
EX 存在の THERE there (as in There is a book on the table.)
FW 外来語 gemeinschaft, vous, je, oui, etc.
HV have 動詞(現在形・過去形) have, has, had
HVG have 動詞(現在分詞形・動名詞形) having
IF 条件法・仮定法標識 if
IN 前置詞および従位接続詞 for, of, in, with, that, while, despite, beside, although, until, unless, etc. 
JJ 形容詞 first, regrettable, participatory, oiled, well-deserved, post-war, etc. 
JJR 比較級形容詞 cheaper, cleaner, closer, colder, deadlier, etc. 
JJS 最上級形容詞 cheapest, cleanest, closest, coldest, deadliest, etc.
LS リスト項目標識 Sentence or phrase initial  numbers (1, 2, 3 ... n), alphabets A/a, B/b, C/c), and symbols serving as list item markers.
MD 法助動詞 can, could, may, might, shall, should, will, would, must, ought, dare 
NEG 否定標識 -n't, -'t (e.g. don't => do_DO n't_NEG; can't => can_MD 't_NEG) 
NN 普通名詞(単数形 [省略形・短縮形を含む]) letter, desk, investment, communication;  VP, CEO, Mr., Dr., etc.
NNP 固有名詞(単数形) John, Yamada, Japan, etc.
NNPS 固有名詞(複数形) Americans, Yamadas, etc.
NNS 普通名詞(複数形 [省略形・短縮形を含む]) letters, desks, investments, communications; VPs, CEOs, etc. 
PDT 前限定詞 (predeterminers) all, both, half, many, quite, such, etc. (e.g. all the time; in both cases, etc.)
POS 所有格標識 's (as in teacher's, Yamada's, etc.)
PRP 代名詞 I, we, he, she, his, her, they, them, it, one, himself, ourselves, etc.
PRP$ 所有格代名詞 her, his, mine, my, our, ours, their, your, etc.
RB 副詞 occasionally, immediately, surely, lately, etc. 
RBR 比較級副詞 (comparative adverbs) further, harder, healthier, higher, later, longer, more, etc.
RBS 最上級副詞 (superlative adverbs) best, biggest, earliest, first, furthest, hardest, largest, most, etc.
RP 副詞小辞 (adverbial particles) aboard, across, along, apart, around, aside, away, back, before, behind, etc.
TO 不定詞標識 (infinitive marker) to (followed by VB) 
UH 感嘆詞・間投詞 (interjections) Goodbye, Goody, Gosh, Wow, Oops, huh, uh, dammit,etc.
VB 一般動詞(基底形 [または現在形]) ask, assemble, assign, assume, avoid, begin, buy, believe, etc.
VBD 一般動詞(過去形) asked, assembled, assigned, assumed, avoided, began, bought, believed, etc.
VBG 一般動詞(現在分詞形・動名詞形) asking, assembling, assigning, assuming, avoiding, buying, beginning, etc.
VBN 一般動詞(過去分詞形) asked, assumed, believe, begun, gone, written, etc.
VBP 一般動詞(現在形:非三人称単数) appear, obtain, comprise, attract, emphasize, postpone, return, etc.
VBZ 一般動詞(現在形:三人称単数)Verbs, present, 3rd person singular appears, obtains, comprises, attracts, empha-sizes, postpones, returns, etc.
WDT Wh-決定詞 that, what, whatever, which, whichever, what-soever, whichsoever
WP Wh-代名詞 that, what, whatever, whatsoever, which, who, whom, whosoever, whoever, etc.
WP$ Wh-所有格代名詞 whose 
WRB Wh-副詞 how, however, whence, whenever, where, whereby, wherever, wherein, whereof, why
WZH Whether [従位接続詞] whether 

Note 1.  Initial tagging was done with the Brill Tagger. (For more details about the POS tagset, see: The University of Pennsylvania Treebank Standard Tagset (http://agora.leeds.ac.uk/amalgam/tagsets/upenn.html)  or go to http://www.ldc.upenn.edu/doc/treebank2/cl93.html
(* The above URLs confirmed valid as of March 28, Y2K)
Note 2.  Non-alphanumeric symbols and punctuation marks are tagged recursively (except for LS). 
e.g. <_<, (_( ,  \_\, $_$, %_%, ._. ,_, :_: ;_; ?_? !_!, etc.